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Video Tutorials are essentially the fastest, easiest and one of the most efficient ways of learning something new. OKPAY Videos section is regularly updated with new records on various topics which users may encounter with while using the system.

Occasionally there are situations when you need to find out how to perform a certain action or an operation while having not enough time to study the documentation or contact support service. We have concluded to create useful videos to help users learn how to use OKPAY account in everyday tasks. Recommended to everyone because contain useful information and instructions in a short and convenient manner.


Video Tutorials

Use a table of contents to navigate and find a video tutorial on the subject that interests you. Videos are in English, in the playback settings you can activate subtitles. If you have any suggestions on what topic we should make our next video, feel free to contact us.

Table of contents:


How to Register an Account with OKPAY

Watch the Quick How to on the Account Registration with OKPAY Electronic Payment System.


How to Add and Confirm a Mobile Phone Number

In this video we will show you how to Add and Verify a mobile phone number with OKPAY Electronic Payment System.


How to Verify your OKPAY Account

In this video we will show you how to enter your information and Verify your account with OKPAY Electronic Payment System.


OKPAY Security Features Overview

Find out about available Security Features in OKPAY Electronic Payment System. Evaluate advantages and disadvantages of each option and select the appropriate security settings for your account.


How to Use OKPAY Support Desk

In this video you will find out how to use OKPAY Support Desk to find answers and get the help you need.


How to Apply for OKPAY Card

Find out how to apply for a plastic or virtual OKPAY Card.


How to Link Additional Email

In this video we will show you how to add another email address to your account with the possibility of making it a primary login email as well as linking it to the particular wallet.



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